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Mountain Fog is a boutique provider of consulting services around cloud, big-data, and natural language processing (NLP). We specialize in those technologies with an emphasis on projects that cross those boundaries. We enjoy helping our clients succeed and seeing their new ideas come to life.

We are a consulting partner with AWS and Google Cloud. Our small staff consists of both AWS and Google Cloud certified professional architects and engineers. We work closely with AWS and Google Cloud technologies to give our clients the best possible experience.

We are selective with our clients because we want to ensure we can help make your project a success. If your needs are outside of our expertise, we will let you know immediately and try to guide you to a better fit. When the client's needs doesn't match with a consultant's expertise, nobody wins. We will work to have a clear understanding of your need prior to the start of your project.

We have worked with startups, small and large corporations, and government agencies. We understand that each client is different in their maturity and processes, and we strive to empower our clients as we work with them.

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